Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Unreciprocated Love

I've been longing for this someone
I've been wishing to walk with her hand-in-hand
And I've been praying from the skies above
That one day I'll be the one she will love.

I tried to erase this feelin'
For I don't want to feel the pain
But even if how much I've tried
I just can't hide this feeling inside.

I want you to know
But I'm afraid to show
For it seems that she has been with someone-
Who has shared her ups and downs.

I don't know if this love of mine
Will be reciprocated by this someone
For she has seemed to be blind
That I am just waiting behind.

Feel my love with you
And do what I want to do.
I am a very good person you won't know.
I hope I will get positive from you.

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