Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Unending friendship

We studied on the same university, we didn’t meet while we are still schooling. I was ahead of him of 1 year. I graduated first and a year after this guy finished. 7 days after graduation, I was called from a Manager of one company which I undergo my on the job training. They want to hire me as their shift supervisor. I can’t believe because I didn’t think they were impressed with my previous performance during my ojt.

After a year, we decided to get another batch of ojt from the university I studied before. 5 student came and 3 of them were lucky to be hired after graduation. One of them became my bestfriend. Opposite to my interest, this man always tries to find alternative of what I think is the best. He lives a very simple life although he can afford some of his wants. I learned a lot of things from him.

We traveled different places and nearby provinces by bus or motorcycle. There was time that we almost fired by a gone in one of the local store near the company we are working. Several problems we already solve, some are related to his family and mine.

Our parents also are closed to each other. If we have party at home they were present after our invitation. Similar to them, we also visit them if they have party held on their place.

We’ve been working also in the Middle East and now we coming back with almost the same month. We went to Manila last year to apply another job. He apply for sea based while I apply land based related job. He wants me to follow him but I need to continue my landbased first because I will help some of my friends who wants to work broad. Maybe after 2-3 years, I will follow his career.

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