Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I Hate Being At Home

Don't be confused, most of the people love to stay at home but in my case it seems I don't like to live here longer in our home. You want to know what is the reason? In our digital world, we want to follow most of the time the flow of the latest technology.

How can I do that if my internet connection slower than the baby crawling? During the day, I took advantage the fast connection in our shop. I temporarily used the wireless plug-in modem and I live a kilometer distance from the cellular site. Definitely, the signal is very poor. Therefore my internet connection also very poor.

I cannot work properly while at home but I don't like to missed some of my notification so I let myself to be patience waiting when the page fully load.

I missed those years when I was in Saudi Arabia which I used a very fast +wifi connection. Here in the Philippines, no choice. You need to be patience with the poor ISP service.

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